Kirsten’s First Turkey Bow Kill

TweetBadlands was there…   During my years of turkey hunting, I have always wanted to film my hunts and throw footage together so I could re-live the excitement of my hunts over and over. This past year I saved up and invested in a video camera, a Canon G10, and started filming my hunts. One of my greatest achievements thus far is filming my very first turkey bow kill all by myself. Prior to opening day of the season, I… Continue reading

Bears and Bears and Bears….Oh my! Badlands Packs Enter Bear Country

TweetOur good friends from Open Season TV have been flat out getting work done for bear season. Check out three success stories from Chuck Paddock, Rusty Jackson and Mike Burks as they rock the best hunting packs on the planet. A big thanks to Open Season TV for always rocking Badlands during their hunts. We’re proud to be a small part of their amazing success. Chuck Paddock with Alberta bear Story by Chuck Paddock My season started in early May… Continue reading

The Sound of a Bugle – My First Experience Elk Hunting – Shannon Giusti – Badlands

Tweet The air was crisp, the ground wet, and my feet aching. It had been a long few days of climbing steep terrain, eating nothing but wild huckleberries and peanut butter, and looking for elk sign… any sign. It was my first time Elk hunting and at this point of the trip my boyfriend was defeated, fearing I would not be able to experience the joy and rush of a Bull elk in close proximity. It was the 3rd evening of… Continue reading

What’s in a Hunting Pack? – Badlands Summit Pack Essay Contest

Tweet Here is the winning entry from the MuleySlayer/Badlands Summit Pack Essay Contest. Everyone was asked the simple question – “What does backpack style hunting mean to you?” The responses were tremendous but one stood out above the rest. Congrats to Jacob Hacker for winning the contest with his essay that best embodied why a pack is among the most important hunting items you can carry with you. “All hunting seasons are over now here in Ohio. As I write… Continue reading

Badlands Poets Among Us!

Tweet   We had a call to action to hear some of your finest hunting/Badlands original poetry and boy did everyone deliver! You have made all the great poets proud like William Shakespeare and……hmmm….no other poets come to mind. Maybe Dr. Seuss…..Anyway, give these poems a read and get inspired for your next hunt! Garret Gardner It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, or if it’s dumping snow. Badlands is with me where ever I go. I train for… Continue reading

2010 Double with Henry Ferguson

TweetIt’s early one morning in September 2010 and it’s the kind of day that bow hunters dream of.  Cool crisp morning air and not a lot of wind.  I am heading out with one of my best friends to do what these two best friends love to do, hunt.  Before the sun had even come up, we spotted deer on the horizon.  Looking through the binoculars to see if there is anything worth shooting, our glance passes by a really… Continue reading

Brad Snyder – A Quick Thank you

TweetThis is me on a Mountain lion Hunt in Wy.  We chased them up and down the mountains and without my Badlands pack I would have died of thirst and hunger!  Then if that was not enough I I would have froze, But thanks to Badlands I had everything I needed to keep going! The next 2 pictures are from a Elk and thanks to the OX I was able to go deep into the mountains of Idaho.  I loved… Continue reading

Badlands Film Festival 2014 – Nashville

TweetWhen we started organizing our 1st Annual Badlands Film Festival we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew we had good content and we knew there were people who liked hunting videos and free gear…seemed like a winning combo to us! For all of you that attended you know that the Hard Rock was packed, the energy was electric, the prizes were stellar and the films just pushed the evening over the top. We are already looking forward to the 2nd Annual… Continue reading